Youth Services

Current programs include :

Youth Treatment Centers for substance abuse

Juvenile Correction Facilities  – bringing horses to the facilities

Special Needs Half-Day Camps – includes children in the foster care system

Alternative High Schools

Reins of H.O.P.E. offers a unique experiential form of therapy for youth ages 3-18. Our sessions out in nature with the horses allow exploration of thoughts and feelings and foster trust, resilience, problem solving skills, improved communication and healthier relationships.

In our “Fostering Hope Youth” program we provide symbols in forms of props which enables an individual or group to express externally whats going on internally. Horses are herd animals and constantly need to communicate and trust each other in order to stay alive. Using body language horses provide information to each other such as hierarchy, safety, and provisions.  Many youth struggle with expressing themselves verbally, this affords them the opportunity to use the horses to mirror their own emotions.

Horses are prey animals and vigilant, they are constantly aware of their surroundings but are able to quickly asses a situation, their safety and drop back into grazing. Our herd of horses offers kids a new way of being, learning key coping skills to heal and living a healthier lifestyle.

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All of our programs are handicap accessible