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Warrior Sessions are available to veterans, military personnel and all their family members at no cost. Individual and group sessions are held each month at three locations in Ojai, Malibu, and Santa Ynez. If you are interested in participating in our program please give us a call at 805-633-9199 and ask for Samantha.

Ojai  – Ongoing sessions available, please call for an appointment.

Malibu –  Treatment facilities, Hope for Warriors

Santa Ynez – at A & M Ranch for Fostering Hope for Youth, Hope for Warriors

What is the Warrior Program:

Our Warrior program began in 2010 and since then thousands of veterans and their families have walked into the Reins of Hope arenas and found the only safe space they know.

Holding a top EAGALA Distinguished Site Award, representing the top 2% in the world and as one of only 11 designated EAGALA Military Services Providers in the United States, Reins of H.O.P.E brings years of experience working with veterans and active duty personnel and their families. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy(EAP) is an alternative, evidence-based and solutions-based therapeutic modality found to assist participants in ways unique and often superior to the more passive counseling formats. We have found it particularly effective in treating the effects of trauma and issues of transition, grief, anger and trust.Sept 19- 2015 Horses and Horsepower 161

EAP uses the unique qualities and sensitivities of the horse and engages clients experientially and allows clients to observe the herd and the environment. Observing provides an opportunity for clients to project their beliefs and as such share about themselves in a way that is emotionally safe and insightful. Because horses are prey and herd animals, they are highly-attuned to subliminal energy and hyper-alert to their environment, similar to those suffering from PTSD. Within sessions, our horses mirror clients’ fears, frustrations, stress and relationship problems. With the aid of the therapeutic team of horses, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and certified Equine Specialist, clients learn to understand their own internal processes more readily than with talk therapy. EAP is therapy through a different lens and is solution oriented where clients work out the problems themselves through their own observations with the horses.


We are EAGALA Military Services Designation

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is currently offered to military personnel in various locations throughout the United States. It is a powerful, short term experiential therapy that is highly effective in developing resilience and adaptability in civilian as well as military life. There is no riding. Equine sessions develop coping skills for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), anger, depression, addiction and grief.

Time spent with the horses, out in a natural setting fosters trust, respect, problem-solving skills, improved communication and healthier relationships. The horses are co-therapists that offer a healing presence and have the unique ability to mirror their clients. They model authenticity, how to be congruent and immerse completely in the moment. Metaphors emerge during the sessions, revealing attitudes and patterns of behavior. These stimulate insights readily transferable to day to day life.