Our Staff

Laurie L. LeisIMG_1912

Executive Director and Board Member. EAGALA Level I. My husband George and I are passionate about helping those in need and are dedicated to local non-profits that serve our community. I joined the Board in 2014 and then became Executive Director in 2015. After just one equine therapy session, I was hooked and realized the effectiveness and healing nature of horse therapy.

Sam BalcezakFB_IMG_1458170904741

Samantha Balcezak with ROH since 2010
Program Director for Reins of H.O.P.E.
EAGALA member since 2000
EAGALA certified Equine Specialist


Ashley Newton

Lynn Dorgan

Carrington Singmaster

Corey Cardenas

Kristin Loft

Mike Darcy

Shannon Macias